What Are the Most Common Injuries From Slip and Fall With Symptoms?

What Are the Most Common Injuries From Slip and Fall With Symptoms?

Did you suffer a slip and falll injury in Baytown, Texas? You should contact a Baytown personal injury attorney When you suffer and injury from slip and fall you can have a lot of different types of injuries but the most common injuries from slip and fall are sustained in your head, neck, back, legs and hips. According to CDC, due to fall you can have TBI in case you are seriously injured in your head.

Minor TBI that causes concussions can heal through rest but the sever ones that causes cognitive impairment, mood changes and seizures are most dangerous. In the United State more than forty percent of fall injuries lead to death, according to a CDC report and such injuries are most common among the older citizens as well as the younger generations.

Type Of Falls

Falls can be of two types, elevated and same level falls in which the same level falls are more than elevated falls. According to CDC and BLS, 65% of the falls are on the same level and out of these 60% occur in the retail and wholesale trading industries.

The manufacturing industry results the bulk of such accidents which is around 16%. Even though same level falls are more predominant, elevated falls are more dangerous and often prove to be fatal.

Other Injury Types

Few other common injuries from slip and fall may include hip fractures which are around 95% injuries that are sustained in slip and fall. Such injury typically requires hospitalization surgery and even rehabilitation programs which may be long or short depending on the severity of the injury.

Sadly, one is every five hip injured and treated patients die within a year of the injury, according to CDC. Back and spinal cord injury is also another common injury causing slip disc, injured vertebrae affecting mobility and sometimes leading to even permanent paralysis. Apart from that you may have a dislocated shoulder or brachial plexus injury which requires surgery and physical therapy to cure.

Slip And Fall Injuries Symptoms

The slip and fall injuries symptoms can be varied and it depends on the type of injury. The symptoms for head injury which may not be reveled at the time of the incident include dizziness, loss of balance which may result in further fall.

You may also experience intense headache along with listlessness and nausea. You feel like throwing up and not talking to any other person showing signs of concussions.

When you suffer from back and neck injury you may feel pain in the abdominal as well as the neck region suggesting a slip disc or a tear in the muscle of ligament in and around your neck.

Sprains In Leg Muscles

Feeling sprain in leg muscles is one of the several other fall injury symptoms along with pain in the ankle region. Such pains and sprains are not immediately felt but are sure the result of the slip and fall that you sustained sometime back.

Whatever be the quantum of the pain, it will affect your functionality and mobility as well. Apart from consulting your doctor for treatment it is also time to consult a personal injury lawyer to claim compensation for the damage caused to you.